Bungalows can be found practically everywhere in Kansas City, but the best chance of finding large blocks of them will be in neighborhoods whose primary growth took place in the late 1910's to about 1930 or so.  Fortunately, Kansas City went through a major growth spurt about that time, and the map below illustrates the area where large clusters of bungalows can be found.  This area stretches roughly from 39th Street on the north to Gregory Boulevard on the south, and from State Line Road on the west to Interstate 435 on the East.  This area is home to some of the best neighborhoods and most interesting residential and public architecture to be found in Kansas City . . . from the world-famous Country Club Plaza, to the equally renowned Nelson-Atkins Museum . . . from elegant Ward Parkway to always-popular Brookside . . . from quiet, shady, tree-lined streets to some of the most urban and workaday neighborhoods in the city. 

Just where are all those bungalows, anyway?

Celebrating all of Kansas City’s early architectural heritage.

Kansas City

Power and Light

Kansas City, MO

Holt, Price and Barnes


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